about 7×7

“Making Comics isn’t just something we want to do, it’s something we have to do.

– We don’t remember which one of us said this.

7×7 (Seven By Seven) is a group of 7 creators from the Pittsburgh area who are creating 7 original comics right here for you to read.

A Creative Support Group

Our creators gather regularly online and in-person to talk about their comics, share ideas, and most of all inspire and motivate each other (and others) to make more comics.

“Never Give up. Never surrender.”

We built 7×7 because we’ve seen too many creators give up their dreams and waste their talents, all because they “didn’t make it.” or published something and it “failed”. And when they stop doing it, it eats them alive inside to not be persuing their passion. Many fall into creative depression and are just generally unhappy with all these ideas locked away in their heads…. screw that noise! Let’s create comics no matter what!

Making comics is a real passion…

All of us have full time day jobs, busy families and other responsibiliies but still find the time to make comics. Some of us are newer, some older, but one big thing is the same: we all love making comics and telling our own stories.

Our mission

7×7 Comics is a playground for launching new ideas, experimenting, challenging and encouraging each other. We hope our comics entertain you and that our passion for the craft works to inspire other creators out there.

Latest news & comics

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Hard Lemonade SketchBook #1

Hard Lemonade SketchBook #1

Creator Shawn Atkins takes us behind the scenes with some of his beautiful concept sketches and character designs for his HARD LEMONADE comic series.

Secret Forces Newspaper Comics

Secret Forces Newspaper Comics

In 2018 Secret Forces began running an exclusive storyline in the Pittsburgh Current weekly newspaper. At this point in Secret Forces life, I was experimenting with the format. I had the long scroll down comics on Webtoon, and the paper storyline was a sidebar story and set of characters that would all come together in time.

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