Secret Forces 25: Adventure in the woods

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This season, colorist Jason Embury has jumped onboard with the coloring.

He and I did a lot of work together on Hero By Night series back from 2006-2008, and then we dipped back in for a little bit in 2012. He recently reached out asking me if I would want to work on some new HBN stuff together, but I don’t want to over commit anyone, and I don’t have money to fairly pay a colorist what I think they deserve. When I mentioned I had some Secret Forces all lined up to go, he jumped right in. It’s been a joy to see my art colored again by Jason. We always made a great team, and I know we could have done a lot more AWESOME things in the comic industry together had that not got cut short.

A note about SECRET FORCES and where we are so far…

Secret Forces has been a project of mine for a while now. It’s lived in a few different places with a few storylines happening, and even some hidden content yet to be discovered. I primarily used the “universe” as a way to explore format, storytelling, and be able to pull some old ideas off the shelf and kind of tie all my comics together in one big world in some way.

It wasn’t my plan when I began to tie ZOMBIEOPOLIS into Secret Forces, but it just happened all on it’s own in the creation process , and inserted “Drew Price” as an indestructible agent. That’s pretty cool! Now in this coming season I want to go WAY back and show basically the origin of Director Robert Mir and the Secret Forces as whole and why and how it exists. Even though the stories jump around and then connect together again, I think there’s some excitement to old readers who find the new things, and to new readers who begin searching and stumbling upon other arcs. This also gives me the freedom to jump from one story into another one if I wish to shake things up.

In an ideal world, I really wish I could make DAILY adventure comics and make a full living from that alone… I’m at no loss for stories to tell.

If this year has taught us anything, or reinforced the idea, you never truly know what the future holds. Hope everyone is staying well, andb thanks for reading all of our comics here at 7×7.

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