Welcome Jared Catherine & Incrediman to 7×7!

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A big welcome to our newest creator Jared Catherine with his INCREDIMAN comic! Look for new installments ever Friday right here.

About Jared

Jared Catherine is a talented cartoonist who’s been around the Pittsburgh comic scene for years. You can hear his love for comics as he also co-hosts “Comic Book Pitt”, the longest running comic related podcast in Pittsburgh. Hey, now that we think about it we have two other creators here at 7×7 from the Comic Book Pitt podcast! (Scott Hedlund, Kaiju Kitty & Shawn Atkins of Hard Lemonade) – They’re taking over!!!

About Incrediman

Exile from another dimension, unwitting superhero, and reluctant corporate pitch man. With the help of his friends, Millie & Cabbie, he protects this world from threats great and small. He is Incrediman!

Some creators have creations that have stuck around with them since their early days, and Incrediman is no exception! Incrediman was first created in 1995 as doodles on in Jared’s school note books. In 1996, Incrediman cartoon strips began running in his high school newspaper up until his graduation in 1998.

A brand new series, Incrediman Comix & Stories, debuted in 2009 and a weekly webcomic published on it’s own site. Previous Incrediman comics are also available to view on the Webtoons app.

When the submissions were open for the Friday spot at 7×7, Jared saw it as a chance to once again bring Incrediman to a new audience and to challenge himself with the format. We’re sure you’ll get a kick out of reading Incrediman every Friday!

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